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Questionfor the bsm harry can you plz do a part three ????? Answer

Its up babe x

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QuestionWhen will it be up? (Part3) Answer

Its up love x

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QuestionCan I have a link to your preferences Plzz!! Answer

Um…I actually dont know how to lovely :\ Im kinda new here…

I might not be on for a while guys. I have so much going on right now. Grades aren’t amazing, family problems, self-harm problems. I need time so I won’t be writing as much (I haven’t written much anyway). Sorry if I’m disappointing anyone x

(y\n)’s been gone for 2 days. I’m worried sick! I haven’t eaten or slept much. She wasn’t at any of her friend’s houses, and I haven’t seen her around town. Sighing, I ran my hands through my hair. I walked out of my flat and down the street to the local park. While walking around I heard a girl scream,”It’s Louis Tomlinson and (y\n) Styles!” My head snapped in that direction so fast I got whiplash. That’s when I saw her with Louis, talking to some fans. She looked up and saw me.Her smile faded instantly. She tugged on Lou’s shirt and pointed to me. The excused themselves from the fans and walked over to me.”Harry” Louis said curtly.I’m sure my face showed shock and confusion. I looked to (y\n) and asked,”Have you been with, Lou the whole time?” When she nodded Louis said,”I couldn’t let my best mate’s little sister live on the street. She’s like my little sister too.” Biting my lip I told (y\n),”I swear I didn’t mean anything I said. I was upset and stressed out. That’s no excuse for what happened though” (Y\n) nodded. “It’s okay, Haz” “Will you come home, love?” I asked, my voice sounding desperate. She nodded and I smiled softly. My baby sister is finally going to be home, where I know she’s safe.

Okay,so, I’ve recieved 4 prompts. I’ll try to do them the next time I’m on. Goodnight, lovelies! xx


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QuestionCan u do a part 3 for Harry's (he blames u for parents death) Answer

Sure x

Niall: Oh shit. Why did I say that? It wasn’t her fault Mum had a heart attack! It’s just not possible! I ran after (y\n) and tried to open her door. Locked. “(y\n), open the goddamn door.” I said sternly. I could hear her sobbing through the door. I knocked and she yell,”Go away, Niall! Just go away! I’m sorry for killing Mum. I’m so s-s-sorry” I leaned my head against the door,”(y\n), you didn’t kill Mum. It’s not possible. I was just angry at you. You saw the last day she was here. You were the last to see her—” my voice cracked and I stayed quiet. With my back against the wall I slid to the floor and sobbed. It hurt so much. Her door opened and (y\n) stepped out. She looked at me through bloodshot eyes and knelt down to hug me. I hugged her back tightly and kissed her head. “I’m so sorry, (y\n). S-so sorry” She sniffled and buried her face in my neck,”It’s okay, Nialler. I still have you”

Harry: I looked at the phone after I hung up. Did I really just say that to my little sister? None of it was true! Mum and Dad dieing wasn’t her fault! They chose to go looking for (y\n) after she said she’d be out past curfew. Fuck, I need to get home! I ran out of the recording studio, ignoring all the questions the boys asked me. I got in my car and sped the whole way home. When I got to my flat the door was unlocked and so was (y\n)’s room. I walked into her room and noticed her drawers were empty. Oh my God…then I noticed the paper on the drawer. ‘Harry, I’m truly sorry for ruining your life. I didn’t mean to kill Mummy and Daddy. I loved them. I honestly did. And I love you too. That’s why I’m leaving. I can’t stay knowing my presence makes you unhappy. Love you. Love Always, (y\n)’ She’s gone.

Louis: (a\n) I totally for got how I ended this one! So it might start out weird! I looked at her with sad eyes. She was sobbing, something she’s never done in front of me. Her eyes were covered by her hands. “(y\n)…” I whispered. I pulled her onto my lap and let her sob into my chest. I did this. I made her this upset. I feel so bad…it’s not like she wanted Mum to die,or wanted Dad to leave. She wasn’t even born yet! Tears filled my eyes as I told her,”(y\n), darling, you need to calm down. I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it.” She shook her head,”You meant it! You’ve meant everything you’ve said to me! I’m sorry I’ve ruined your life, Louis. Could you ever forgive me?” I kissed her forehead and mumbled,”You don’t need to apologize…you’ve got nothing to apologize for. I’m sorry, darling” Darling. That’s something Mum called her before she was born…

Liam: I stared after (y\n). She thinks she ruined my life. She didn’t. My life will be ruined when she’s not in it anymore. I followed her to her room and found her looking through and old photo album. Mum’s old photo album. I sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulder. She looked at me and whispered,”I’m so sorry, L-Li” I shushed her and kissed her cheek. “It’s okay, babe. You were 10, you didn’t know any better. And you haven’t ruined my birthday. Not one bit. Now let’s go finish those pancakes, yeah?”

Zayn: Looking into her face I saw genuine fear. She was scared of me. Me. Her big brother who was supposed to protect her. “(y\n),” I whispered gently. She bit her lip and looked down. “I’m sorry I got her killed, Zayn. I loved her. So much.” her voice cracked. I shook my head. “You didn’t know any better. It wasn’t your fault.” A sob escaped her lips and pulled her into my chest gently. ‘I’m sorry’ s kept escaping her maouth and I kissed her forehead to soothe her. “C’mon. Go put a bathing suit on. We’re going to the pool, love.” She looked at me confused. “Go put one on. We’re going.” she smiled weakly and hugged me tightly. “I love you, Zayn”

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Questioncan you do a bsm where your young and you have a tantrum while out with him and the boys in public Answer

Yeah. It’ll be up when I can post it! x